New Guide Helps Organizations Successfully Implement IVR Payments

IVR Payments Simplified

The guide provides an overview of IVR Payments and provides a detailed Needs Identification questionnaire with over 10 key areas to help teams accelerate their implementation.

Datatel Communications Inc, the Pay-By-Phone company, today announced a guide that helps organizations successfully implement IVR Payments to accept bill payment from client 24/7 over the telephone. The guide was developed to provide organizations with important information to prepare for an IVR Payment implementation.

IVR Payments  (Interactive Voice Response) also know as Pay-By-Phone is a technology used by organizations to enable their customers to make payment for bills, fees, contributions over the telephone by interacting with an automated system. For organizations, it will help them address many security requirements mandated by the PCI Security Standards Council and reduces operational costs by shifting tasks from higher-cost agents to automation. 

For most organizations, implementing IVR Payments is a first experience leading them to invest a great deal of time researching and learning the basics. Even though an implementation does not need to take a great deal of effort being the first implementation for many organizations comes with a steep learning curve.

Titled, “IVR Payments Simplified: A Complete Guide for a Successful IVR Payments Implementation” this Guide provides an overview of IVR Payments and provides a detailed Needs Identification questionnaire with over ten (10) key areas to help teams accelerate their implementation.

“With the significant adoption of IVR Payments as a key component of an omnichannel payment strategy, it is more important than ever for organizations to acquire the knowledge and tools for a successful and rapid implementation,” said Barnard Crespi, Co-CEO for Datatel. “We believe that organizations need to be prepared to leverage its adoption.” 

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Source: Datatel Communications Inc.