Datatel Announces New Pay-by-Phone xPress Editions Optimized for Authorize.Net

Datatel Communications Inc., a leader in IVR Payments / Pay-By Phone, today announced the release of new Pay-By-Phone xPress Editions, optimized for users, for SMB and small healthcare providers.

Designed to meet the demands for increased security and lower operational costs, Datatel’s Pay-By-Phone xPress can be branded to the specific business needs of SMB and small healthcare providers. Delivers easy to implement Pay-By-Phone functionality which enables SMB’s and healthcare providers to process payments by phone 24/7 without the need for live staff or specialized software. 

Datatel's CryptoIVR has been widely adopted by medium and large businesses and we are thrilled to extend a wider range of subscription plans to address the needs of smaller businesses with the same level of security and cost-effectiveness.

Barnard Crespi, Datatel's Co-CEO

“Datatel’s CryptoIVR has been widely adopted by medium and large businesses, and we are thrilled to extend a wider range of subscription plans to address the needs of smaller businesses with the same level of security and cost-effectiveness,” says Barnard Crespi, Co-CEO of Datatel Communications Inc.

Originally introduced more than 10 years ago, Datatel’s CryptoIVR™ has been successfully deployed across hundreds of large businesses, healthcare providers and utilities. As part of Datatel’s dedication to meet increased demands for secure Pay-By-Phone transactions Datatel now offers to SMB’s and small healthcare providers: 

  • Pay-By-Phone 24/7 Automated Payment Processing delivers a fast, cost-effective and secure transaction processing originating from any land-line or mobile phone
  • HIPAA Add-on - Delivers a HIPAA compliant option for small healthcare providers wanting to process bill payments over the telephone 24/7 
  • TXT Message Payment Receipts – Delivers instant payment confirmation to callers mobile phones 
  • Authorize.Net Optimization – Delivers a quick to implement Pay-By-Phone solution that can be connected to any Authorize.Net gateway and merchant account

Datatel’s Pay-By-Phone xPress is part of Datatel’s long history of dedication to meeting the security, and regulatory requirements (Such as PCI and HIPAA compliance) of its clients. It also incorporates IVR application level encryption (CryptoIVR) unique to the IVR Technology space. The solution is continuously updated and enhanced to support security, features, and card brand mandates as part of standard product enhancements. 

Datatel PBP xPress is an exciting solution for small business and healthcare providers requiring more automation, speed, and 24/7 payment processing and we are thrilled to offer more options for merchants.” 

About Datatel 

Datatel delivers innovative software and voice communication solutions to help our clients become more agile, profitable, and successful.  

Datatel’s Pay-By-Phone/IVR Payments SaaS Platform provides businesses with the most robust and cost-effective way to securely and easily process credit card payments 24/7 over the phone, in a PCI Compliant environment.

Datatel has been providing IVR Payment Solutions on the cloud to hundreds of businesses, healthcare providers, governments, and non-profit organizations for over ten years.

Datatel’s success comes from investing in its people, clients, and technology. With a focus on innovation, Datatel has arrived at a service delivery model that guarantees its customers satisfaction.

Source: Datatel Communications Inc